Car Rental Services in Tver’ and Tverskaya Oblast’.

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Rent a car from just RUB 1500/day.

Vehicle maintenance, cleaning and disinfection before pick-up is

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About Us

About Us

LEO CAR has been operating in the domestic market of transport business for more than 20 years.

We have been transported passengers by minibuses within city of Tver for the first decade.

We opened car maintenance and repair service center in 2006. Since then, having more than 15 years of experience in car maintenance and repair we guarantee vehicle reliability in operation.

We successfully began growing and expanded into the nearest regions in 2010, operating as commercial transportation services within the city of Tver and region. We also operate in surrounding regions as a freight transportation provider.

We added car rental to the pool of our services in 2020 to stay competitive on the local market.

We proud of taking initiative in the “Car Rental”. A little less than a year has passed since we launched this initiative. Since then, more than 100 new customers receive a memorable and enjoyable experience with our car rental service. They say that we are great company to have business with. They share their experience with friends, family, and connections. How did we figure it out? It is super easy. The customers continue to rent cars from us on regular basis and recommend us to others.

36 legal entities have recommended us, as a conscientious provider.

85% of those clients, who have ever explored our services came back and have been dealing with us for years.

LEO CAR is a small, reliable, and cozy company. We listen carefully. We delve deep into customers’ requests, validate their needs, and offer deal which is most appropriate and beneficial for our customer.

Our goal is to meet customer’s personal expectations by setting high standards of service and maintenance. Every customer is getting properly functioning and clean vehicle, which assure the driver and passengers safety and comfort on the roads.

We welcome you to become our next satisfied customer.

Our Services

Our Services

Making reservation for the car rental services.​

Car rental.*

*Premium class cars are available for rent only with chauffeur on daily or hourly basis.

Insurance and protection.

Drawing up a car rental agreement for an additional driver.

Delivery of a vehicle to customer’s location.

Signing of a vehicle lease agreement at customer premise.

24/7 customer support.

24/7 technical support and assistance throughout the Russian Federation.

24/7 legal counseling assistance at the place of a traffic accident in Tver and the Kalininsky district of the region of Tver.

Invoicing for legal entities.

The following methods of payment are available: cash payment in the office, cash payment upon the vehicle pick-up, payment by credit or debit card, bank wire transfer.

We are open for partnership.

Call us +7-900-115-10-37, request a call back, and we will discuss the details.